About Daniel Verner’s Art

"He Says He wants me to Twitter Him"

Daniel-VernerDaniel Verner is a self taught artist and performing folk musician.  He has a life long love for many varied types of artistic expression.  For Daniel, portrait painting is more than an image of his subjects’ external appearance. It is a statement about the person. Daniel’s art captures and honors the dignity, unique expression, and beautiful selves of the people he paints.  His portraits with narrative references and still life elements are stand alone fine art pieces, even for those who have never met the sitters. They are likenesses with lives. It is his intention to capture in paint the unique wonder, beauty, and passion that dwells within each of us.

Quoting Daniel:  “For me every aspect of painting is a response to relationship.  Not just the physical relationship of line, color and and shapes on canvas.  The relationship of the interaction of what the artist saw, felt and was able to express about his subject is also created.  Another level is the relationship of viewer to the work.  For me it is a statement of the life energy of the person represented in the painting to the viewer.  It is this sustained moment of sharing insight and response that you, the viewer, are invited to join upon entering into my paintings.”

Most of Daniel’s paintings are portraits of people he knows personally. This is why some paintings appear in more than one category on this web site portfolio.

Daniel’s work has been exhibited in various local galleries and other art venues.

Daniel lives with his wonderful wife, Carolyn, in Ashland Oregon.

He has an active studio where he displays new works in progress.  Please call to arrange for viewing of his art in the studio.

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